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Re: git-rebase is ignoring working-tree-encoding

On Fri, Nov 02, 2018 at 03:30:17AM +0100, Adrián Gimeno Balaguer wrote:
> I’m attempting to perform fixups via git-rebase of UTF-16 LE files
> (the project I’m working on requires that exact encoding on certain
> files). When the rebase is complete, Git changes that file’s encoding
> to UTF-16 BE. I have been using the newer working-tree-encoding
> attribute in .gitattributes. I’m using Git for Windows.
> $ git version
> git version 2.19.1.windows.1
> Here is a sample UTF-16 LE file (with BOM and LF endings) with
> following atributes in .gitattributes:
> test.txt eol=lf -text working-tree-encoding=UTF-16
> I put eol=lf and -text to tell Git to not change the encoding of the
> file on checkout, but that doesn’t even help. Asides, the newer
> working-tree-encoding allows me to view human-readable diffs of that
> file (in GitHub Desktop and Git Bash). Now, note that doing for
> example consecutive commits to the same file does not affect the
> UTF-16 LE encoding. And before I discovered this attribute, the whole
> thing was even worse when squash/fixup rebasing, as Git would modify
> the file with Chinese characters (when manually setting it as text via
> .gitattributes).
> So, again the problem with the exposed .gitattributes line is that
> after fixup rebasing, UTF-16 LE files encoding change to UTF-16 BE.
> For long, I have been working with the involved UTF-16 LE files set as
> binary via .gitattributes (e.g. “test.txt binary”), so that Git would
> not modify the file encoding, but this doesn’t allow me to view the
> diffs upon changes in GitHub Desktop, which I want (and neither via
> git diff).

Thanks for the report.
I have tried to follow the problem from your verbal descriptions
(and the PR) but I need to admit that I don't fully understand the
problem (yet).

Could you try to create some instructions how to reproduce it?
A numer of shell istructions would be great,
in best case some kind of "test case", like the tests in
the t/ directory in Git.

It would be nice to be able to re-produce it.
And if there is a bug, to get it fixed.