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Re: [PATCH 3/9] diff: avoid generating unused hunk header lines

> +/*
> + * Can be used as a no-op hunk_fn for xdi_diff_outf(), since a NULL
> + * one just sends the hunk line to the line_fn callback).
> + */
> +void discard_hunk_line(void *, long, long, long, long, const char *, long);

Recently we had the discussion on style and naming things.
On the one hand I don't know what these 4 different longs do,
so I'd wish for some descriptive variable names in here.
On the other hand the docs explain clearly why I don't need
to care (a no-op ignores all of the parameters, no need
to take care of their order)

So to revive that discussion, I would strongly prefer
to have *some* names there, for the sake of a
simply described coding style without many exceptions
(especially those exceptions that rely on judgement).

Today I read [1], which describes the analog in the
mechanical world: To evolve and have more impact
you need tighter requirements on some parts. And
I would roughly translate that to our use case as
not having to worry about style (it's ironic I even type
out this email... if we could just run clang format or
some other tightly controlling formatter/linter, I'd be
much happier as our focus should be elsewhere,
such as UX or performance).

Apart from that, I read the whole series, and found
it a pleasant read.


[1] https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2018/10/25/precision-accuracy-perfectionism/