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Re: [RFE] Please add name and email to git credentials

Le vendredi 02 novembre 2018 à 12:51 -0400, Jeff King a écrit :


Thank you for reading the RFE.

> I did create the way git credential matches repo urls. And I do not
> think your proposal is a good idea. The credential system is about
> interacting with a remote URL, and creating a commit object is a local
> operation. That mismatch leaks through when you work with multiple
> remotes, since it is not clear which URL we would match against when
> the operation does not involve a remote at all.

I don't think it's quite that simple. The id part of creating a commit
object is not a local operation at all. You choose the id written in a
commit for a specific remote target, it has no use locally, most of us
do not need it to reach themselves.

So yes there is a leak but it’s built in the git commit logic itself.
Ideally, git would defer resolving <me> in commits to when I push to a
remote target. I'm sure you’re aware of all the workarounds git users do
at push time, when they realize the commit <me> is not the good one.

And since the leak is built in the commit logic itself, there are no
perfect solutions that do not involve revisiting how commit works.

So, unless someone wants to revisit git commit, we’re left with
imperfect solutions, and git credentials is no worse than another. It
certainly fixes my use case fine. You did good work in git credentials.


Nicolas Mailhot