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Re: [PATCHv2 00/24] Bring more repository handles into our code base]

Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> What was posted would have been perfectly fine as a "how about doing
>> it this way" weatherbaloon patch, but as a part of real series, it
>> needs to explain to the developers what the distinctions between two
>> classes are, and who is to use the cocci patch at what point in the
>> development cycle, etc., in an accompanying documentation update.
> if only we had documentation [as found via "git grep coccicheck"]
> that I could update ... I'd totally do that.
> I guess this asks for documentation to begin with, now?

So far, we didn't even need any, as there was no "workflow" to speak
of.  It's just "any random developer finds a suggested update,
either by running 'make coccicheck' oneself or by peeking Travis
log, and sends in a patch".

But the "pending" thing has a lot more workflow elements, who is
responsible for noticing update suggested by "pending" ones, for
updating the code, and for promoting "pending" to the normal.  These
are all new, and these are all needed as ongoing basis to help
developers---I'd say the way Documentation/SubmittingPatches helps
developers is very close to the way this new document would help them.