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Re: [PATCH v2] completion: use builtin completion for format-patch

Duy Nguyen <pclouds@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> > I have no comment about this. In an ideal world, sendemail.perl could
>> > be taught to support --git-completion-helper but I don't think my
>> > little remaining Perl knowledge (or time) is enough to do it. Perhaps
>> > this will do. I don't know.
>> So "all", "attach", etc. are added to this list while these similar
>> options are lost from the other variable?  Is this a good trade-off?
> Not sure if I understand you correctly, but it looks to me that the
> options in git-send-email.perl are well organized, so we could...

Yes, but I wasn't commenting on your "sendemail should also be able
to help completion by supporting --completion-helper option" (I think
that is a sensible approach).  My comment was about Denton's patch,
which reduced the hard-coded list of format-patch options (i.e. the
first hunk) but had to add back many of them to send-email's
completion (i.e. the last hunk)---overall, it did not help reducing
the number of options hardcoded in the script.

If it makes sense to complete all options to format-patch to
send-email, then as you outlined, grabbing them out of format-patch
with the --completion-helper option at runtime, and using them to
complete both format-patch and send-email would be a good idea.  And
that should be doable even before send-email learns how to list its
supported options to help the completion.

> --git-completon-helper in that script to print all send-email specific
> options, then call "git format-patch --git-completion-helper" to add a
> bunch more. The options that are handled by setup_revisions() will
> have to be maintained manually here like $__git_format_patch_options
> and added on top in both _git_send_email () and _git_format_patch ().
> So, nothing option is lost and by the time setup_revisions() supports
> -git-completion-helper, we can get rid of the manual shell variable
> too. The downside is, lots of work, probably.