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Re: [RFE] Please add name and email to git credentials

Le jeudi 01 novembre 2018 à 15:13 +0100, Christian Couder a écrit :
> How can Git know when you commit where you will want to push the
> commit afterwards?

You have an url in the repo config. of course you can change it between
the commit and the push, but that's not the general case.

Nowadays, most git projects have a preferred git hosting, and your
name/email with the project match the credentials you use to push
(otherwise things like gitlab/github issues trackers would not work at

> What if you want to push the same commit to 2 different places that
> need different credentials?

Then you do not use git credentials and have to configure all by hand.
Which will usually be a major error-prone PITA, so you’ll end up pushing
to the system that matches the ID you want to se in git logs, and then
push from this system to others.

Nicolas Mailhot