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Re: [RFE] Please add name and email to git credentials

On Thu, Nov 01 2018, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> A dev persona is not just a username, please add email (and probably
> also name) support to git credentials so the correct set for a repo url
> is automatically picked up by git

The "git-credential" helper needs to look at a URL like
git@xxxxxxxxxx:git/git.git and decide that protocol=ssh, username=git,
host=github.com, path=git/git.git etc, because that's the credential we
need to lookup to push to.

Where would we get an E-Mail to lookup to pass to the helper? Are you
just asking that the helper git the result of $(git config user.name &&
git config user.email)? If so why can't it just look this up itself?