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Re: Lost changes after merge


On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 03:46:28AM +0100, Gray King wrote:
> * Before merge run `git log --format="%h %p %d" -n 20 --all --graph`:
> https://cfp.vim-cn.com/cbfq6
> * After merged run `git log --format="%h %p %d" -n 20 --all --graph`:
> https://cfp.vim-cn.com/cbfq7

I also cannot see anything wrong here. The two commits you
mentioned earlier are not in either paste, as was already stated.
It might help us understand if you are more explicit about what
you think is wrong. Maybe verify that your pastes have captured
all of the necessary information to understand the problem.

The only other thing that I note is that 6d6ed669d1 and
3c792ffaf0 appear to be merging the same two parents, so
logically they should be identical (unless merge conflicts were
resolved in different ways). Is that related to the issue? Was
one of the merges done incorrectly, and you're trying to fix it?
Or are you just confused about how you got into this state in the
first place?


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