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Re: [PATCH 1/1] Use correct /dev/null for UNIX and Windows

Chris Webster <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> > Use File::Spec->devnull() for output redirection to avoid messages
>>> > when Windows version of Perl is first in path.  The message 'The
>>> Dscho, "Windows version of Perl is first in path" somehow feels
>>> contradicting with what one of the topics I saw from you were trying
>>> to enforce (or, at least, "set as the supported configuration").
>>> I am guessing that the Perl you are building and shipping with Git
>>> for Windows would yield what the shell that ends up running the
>>> scriptlet `git config --get-color $key` prefers when asked for
>>> File::Spec->devnull(), and nothing will break with this patch even
>>> if that is "/dev/null", but I thought I'd double check.
>>> Thanks.
> This problem originally showed up in the
> https://github.com/so-fancy/diff-so-fancy project, which has a copy of
> DiffHighlight.pm.   That project allows diffsofancy (perl) to be run
> from the command line without requiring the bash environment ((well ,
> sort of) including the associated perl).

Thanks for additional comments.  

In any case, Windows is not my bailiwick, so I'll hope that the
above comments from you would help Dscho in his response and wait.
I know use of File::Spec->devnull() won't hurt POSIX folks so making
sure this won't break Git for Windows is the primary thing I woudl
worry about this patch.