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Re: [PATCH 0/3] Make add_missing_tags() linear

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 7:16 AM Derrick Stolee via GitGitGadget
<gitgitgadget@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As reported earlier [1], the add_missing_tags() method in remote.c has
> quadratic performance. Some of that performance is curbed due to the
> generation-number cutoff in in_merge_bases_many(). However, that fix doesn't
> help users without a commit-graph, and it can still be painful if that
> cutoff is sufficiently low compared to the tags we are using for
> reachability testing.
> Add a new method in commit-reach.c called get_reachable_subset() which does
> a many-to-many reachability test. Starting at the 'from' commits, walk until
> the generation is below the smallest generation in the 'to' commits, or all
> 'to' commits have been discovered. This performs only one commit walk for
> the entire add_missing_tags() method, giving linear performance in the worst
> case.
> Tests are added in t6600-test-reach.sh to ensure get_reachable_subset()
> works independently of its application in add_missing_tags().

On the original repo where the topic was brought up, with commit-graph
NOT turned on and using origin/master, I see:

$ time git push --dry-run --follow-tags /home/newren/repo-mirror
To /home/newren/repo-mirror
 * [new branch]              test5 -> test5

real 1m20.081s
user 1m19.688s
sys 0m0.292s

Merging this series in, I now get:

$ time git push --dry-run --follow-tags /home/newren/repo-mirror
To /home/newren/repo-mirror
 * [new branch]              test5 -> test5

real 0m2.857s
user 0m2.580s
sys 0m0.328s

which provides a very nice speedup.

Oddly enough, if I _also_ do the following:
$ git config core.commitgraph true
$ git config gc.writecommitgraph true
$ git gc

then my timing actually slows down just slightly:
$ time git push --follow-tags --dry-run /home/newren/repo-mirror
To /home/newren/repo-mirror
 * [new branch]              test5 -> test5

real 0m3.027s
user 0m2.696s
sys 0m0.400s

(run-to-run variation seems pretty consistent, < .1s variation, so
this difference is just enough to notice.)  I wouldn't be that
surprised if that means there's some really old tags with very small
generation numbers, meaning it's not gaining anything in this special
case from the commit-graph, but it does pay the cost of loading the

Anyway, looks good in my testing.  Thanks much for working on this!