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Re: Using --word-diff breaks --color-moved

james harvey <jamespharvey20@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If you use both "--word-diff" and "--color-moved", regardless of the
> order of arguments, "--word-diff" takes precedence and "--color-moved"
> isn't allowed to do anything.
> I think "--color-moved" should have precedence over "--word-diff".  I
> cannot think of a scenario where a user would supply both options, and
> actually want "--word-diff" to take precedence.

I am not sure if I follow.  If these two cannot work well together,
then we should just reject the request as asking for incompatible
combination of options while we are parsing the command line
arguments, rather than arguing which one should trump the other
one---that would simply lead to "in my opinion, word-diff is more
important" vs "in mine, color-moved is more important", no?