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Re: [PATCH] doc: move git-rev-parse from porcelain to plumbing

Daniels Umanovskis <daniels@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> git-rev-parse mostly seems like plumbing, and is more usd in
> scripts than in regular use. Online it's often mentioned as
> a plumbing command. Nonetheless it's listed under porcelain
> interrogators in `man git`. It seems appropriate to formally
> move git-rev-parse to plumbing interrogators.

Correct.  "ancillary" category ended up with full of Porcelain, it
seems, but there still are plumbing commands there, and this is a
prime example that should not be mixed up with Porcelain commands.

Among the remaining ones in the list, cherry and get-tar-commit-id
are probably better classified as plumbing.  I do not know why
cherry is marked for completion; perhaps some crazy people use that
on the command line?