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Re: [PATCH] gc: introduce an --auto-exit-code option for undoing 3029970275

Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Perhaps this reporting could also print the message from a previous
> run, so you could write:
> 	git gc --detached-status || exit
> 	git gc --auto; # perhaps also passing --detach
> (Names still open for bikeshedding.)

When the command is given --detached-exit-code/status option, what
does it do?  Does it perform the "did an earlier run left gc.log?"
and report the result and nothing else?  In other words, is it a
pure replacement for "test -e .git/gc.log"?  Or does it do some of
the "auto-gc" prep logic like guestimating loose object count and
have that also in its exit status (e.g. "from the gc.log left
behind, we know that we failed to reduce loose object count down
sufficiently after finding there are more than 6700 earlier, but now
we do not have that many loose object, so there is nothing to
complain about the presence of gc.log")?

I am bad at naming myself, but worse at guessing what others meant
with a new thing that was given a new name whose name is fuzzy,
so... ;-)