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Re: [PATCH] gc: introduce an --auto-exit-code option for undoing 3029970275

On Wed, Oct 10 2018, Jeff King wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 07:27:32PM +0000, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
>> Add an --auto-exit-code variable and a corresponding 'gc.autoExitCode'
>> configuration option to optionally bring back the 'git gc --auto' exit
>> code behavior as it existed between 2.6.3..2.19.0 (inclusive).
>> This was changed in 3029970275 ("gc: do not return error for prior
>> errors in daemonized mode", 2018-07-16). The motivation for that patch
>> was to appease 3rd party tools whose treatment of the 'git gc --auto'
>> exit code is different from that of git core where it has always been
>> ignored.
> OK. I wouldn't want to use this myself, but I think you've made clear
> why you find it useful. So I don't mind making it an optional behavior
> (and it probably beats you trying to poke at the logfile yourself).


> I'm not sure if the config is going to actually help that much, though.
> The callers within Git will generally ignore the exit code anyway. So
> for those cases, setting it will at best do nothing, and at worst it may
> confuse the few stragglers (e.g., the git-svn one under recent
> discussion).

Yeah git internals don't care, but we've never advertised the
combination of --auto and gc.autoDetach=true as being something
internal-only, so e.g. I wrote stuff expecting errors, and one might run
"git gc --auto" in a repo whose .git/objects state is uncertain to see
if it needed repack (and have a shell integration that reports

> Callers who _are_ prepared to act on the exit code probably ought to
> just use --auto-exit-code in their invocation.
> That said, I'm not entirely opposed to the matching config. There's
> enough history here that somebody might want a sledgehammer setting to
> go back to the old behavior.

If it's not a config option then as git is upgraded I'll need to change
my across-server invocation to be some variant of checking git version,
then etiher using the --auto-exit-code option or not (which'll error on
older gits). Easier to be able to just drop in a config setting before
the upgrade.