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builtin stash/rebase, was Re: What's cooking in git.git (Oct 2018, #01; Wed, 10)

Hi Junio,

On Wed, 10 Oct 2018, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> We haven't seen much complaints and breakages reported against the
> two big "rewrite in C" topics around "rebase"; perhaps it is a good
> time to merge them to 'next' soonish to cook them for a few weeks
> before moving them to 'master'?

I would be in favor, as long as the fixup patches I have in Git for
Windows made it in:

    fixup! builtin rebase: support `-C` and `--whitespace=<type>`

    fixup! builtin rebase: support `--gpg-sign` option

    fixup! rebase -i: implement the main part of interactive rebase as a builtin

    fixup! stash: convert apply to builtin

It seems that Alban picked up the `rebase -i` one, but the other three
have not made it into `pu` yet (the two `rebase` ones are really my fault,
I did not yet find time).

Speaking about the two `rebase` ones: they are simple fixup! commits,
could I trouble you to fetch and cherry-pick them into `pu`, or would you
prefer if I sent another iteration of `rebase-in-c-4-opts`?