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[PATCH 0/3] send-email: Also pick up cc addresses from -by trailers

This has been attempted multiple times before, but I hope that this
can make it in this time around. That *-by addresses are not
automatically Cc'ed certainly still surprises people from time to

I hope that this addresses all the concerns Junio had in
https://lkml.org/lkml/2016/8/31/768 .

For the name, I chose 'misc-by', since that has -by in its name. I am
fine with absolutely any other name (bodyby, body-by, by-trailers,
...). I doubt we can find a short token that is completely
self-explanatory, and note that one has to look in the man page anyway
to know what 'sob' means in this line from 'git send-email -h':

    --suppress-cc           <str>  * author, self, sob, cc, cccmd, body, bodycc, all.

Rasmus Villemoes (3):
  Documentation/git-send-email.txt: style fixes
  send-email: only consider lines containing @ or <> for automatic
  send-email: also pick up cc addresses from -by trailers

 Documentation/git-send-email.txt | 11 +++++++----
 git-send-email.perl              | 19 +++++++++++++------
 2 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)