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Re: [PATCH][Outreachy] remove all the inclusions of git-compat-util.h in header files

Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:

> Personally, I find the "whoever is picking it up should do the thinking"
> much too harsh for a first-time contributor who specifically came through
> the Outreachy program, i.e. expected to have a gentle introduction into
> the project, and into the ways we work.

Oh, absolutely I agree.

Any random discussion participant can say "left over bits" in any
random message with an idea that is left on the table.  Looking for
it may narrow the set messages to be examined, but the query result
will inevitably be still full of chaff.  It is not a very good match
for "gentle introduction" material for GSoC/Outreachy microprojects.

List of reasonable low-hanging fruits is hard to maintain, as the
cost of building and maintaining such a list would easily outweigh
the cost (and fun) of picking these low-hanging fruits yourself X-<.

I do not think of a good solution to help newcomers offhand.

Thanks, as always, for trying to be helpful to newcomers.