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Re: [RFC PATCH 1/2] fuzz: Add basic fuzz testing target.

Josh Steadmon <steadmon@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> +FUZZ_OBJS += fuzz-pack-headers.o
> +
> +FUZZ_PROGRAMS += $(patsubst %.o,%,$(FUZZ_OBJS))
> +
> ...
> +### Fuzz testing
> +#
> +.PHONY: fuzz-clean fuzz-objs fuzz-compile

I take it that you anticipate the fuzz programs in the future all
be named fuzz-$(blah), whose source is fuzz-$(blah).o (even though
we may grow some common code that may be linked with them, which can
be done by tweaking the rule for the $(FUZZ_PROGRAMS) target).  Am I
reading you correctly?  Would fuzz-{clean,objs,compile} risk squatting
on nicer names we may want to use for $(blah) down the line?

> + ...
> +$(FUZZ_PROGRAMS): fuzz-compile
> +		$(EXTLIBS) git.o $@.o /usr/lib/llvm-4.0/lib/libFuzzer.a -o $@

Is the expected usage pattern to know a single fuzz-* program the
builder wants to build, to run "make fuzz-pack-headers"?  If not, it
also would be a good idea to have something like

    fuzz-build-all:: $(FUZZ_PROGRAMS)
    .PHONY: fuzz-build-all


Also, in the final version we unleash to general developer audience,
we'd want to support "make V=1" (and "make" that is "$(QUIET)").