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Re: [PATCH 00/15] sequencer: refactor functions working on a todo_list

Le 07/10/2018 à 21:54, Alban Gruin a écrit :
> At the center of the "interactive" part of the interactive rebase lies
> the todo list.  When the user starts an interactive rebase, a todo list
> is generated, presented to the user (who then edits it using a text
> editor), read back, and then is checked and processed before the actual
> rebase takes place.
> Some of this processing includes adding execs commands, reordering
> fixup! and squash! commits, and checking if no commits were accidentally
> dropped by the user.
> Before I converted the interactive rebase in C, these functions were
> called by git-rebase--interactive.sh through git-rebase--helper.  Since
> the only way to pass around a large amount of data between a shell
> script and a C program is to use a file (or any declination of a file),
> the functions that checked and processed the todo list were directly
> working on a file, the same file that the user edited.
> During the conversion, I did not address this issue, which lead to a
> complete_action() that reads the todo list file, does some computation
> based on its content, and writes it back to the disk, several times in
> the same function.
> As it is not an efficient way to handle a data structure, this patch
> series refactor the functions that processes the todo list to work on a
> todo_list structure instead of reading it from the disk.
> Some commits consists in modifying edit_todo_list() (initially used by
> --edit-todo) to handle the initial edition of the todo list, to increase
> code sharing.

And it’s based on the 8th version of my patch series “rebase -i: rewrite
in C”.