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Re: Git Evolve

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Stefan Xenos <sxenos@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> What is the evolve command?
>> ...
>> - Systems like gerrit would no longer need to rely on "change-id" tags
>> in commit comments to associate commits with the change that they
>> edit, since git itself would have that information.
>> ...
>> Is anyone else interested in this? Please email me directly or on this
>> list. Let's chat: I want to make sure that whatever we come up with is
>> at least as good as any similar technology that has come before.
> As you listed in the related technologies section, I think the
> underlying machinery that supports "rebase -i", especially with the
> recent addition of redoing the existing merges (i.e. "rebase -i
> -r"), may be enough to rewrite the histories that were built on top
> of a commit that has been obsoleted by amending.
> I would imagine that the main design effort you would need to make
> is to figure out a good way to
>  (1) keep track of which commits are obsoleted by which other ones
>      [*1*], and
>  (2) to figure out what histories are still to be rebuilt in what
>      order on top of what commit efficiently.
> Once these are done, you should be able to write out the sequence of
> instructions to feed the same sequencer machinery used by the
> "rebase -i" command.

Well, that assumes that "rebase -i" can correctly recreate merges, if

> [Side note]
> *1* It is very desirable to keep track of the evolution of a change
>     without polluting the commit object with things like Change-Id:
>     and other cruft, either in the body or in the header.  If we
>     lose the Change-Id: footer without adding any new cruft in the
>     commit object header, that would be a great success.  It would
>     be a failure if we end up touching the object header.

Doesn't Gerrit use git-notes instead of 'Change-Id:' trailer nowadays?
Notes transport is quite easily controlled; the problem with notes merge
does not matter for this use.

Jakub Narębski