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Re: git-remote-helper list command question


Jeff King wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 11:43:50AM +0200, Stanisław Drozd wrote:

>> I'm trying to write a fast-import-based git remote helper, but I'm not
>> sure what the output of the `list` command should look like. How can I
>> find an example of the format in action?
> There's some documentation in "git help remote-helpers".
> For working examples (of this or any other remote-helper stuff), your
> best bet is the git-remote-http helper that ships with Git. E.g., you
> should be able to do:
>   echo list | git remote-http https://github.com/git/git
> to see sample output.

Other examples to look at:

 git cinnabar <https://github.com/glandium/git-cinnabar>

 remote-testsvn.c in git.git (though it will be moving to contrib/ and
 then out of git.git fairly soon)

These might be more helpful than git-remote-http because they are
fast-import-based helpers.

Thanks and hope that helps,