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Re: inside the git folder

On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 5:26 AM Chris Jeschke
<chrisjberlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey git-team,
> I am working on a plug-in for a distributed pair programming tool. To
> skip the details: I was thinking about sending parts of the git folder
> as a zip folder with our own Bytestream instead of using the git API.
> Is there a common sense about what should and what shouldn't be done
> when working with the files inside the git folder?

This contradicts the security model of git.
Locally I can do things like:
    git config alias.co "rm -rf ~"
    echo "rm -rf ~" >.git/hooks/{...}
and I would experience bad things, but that is ok,
as I configured it locally (supposedly I know what
I am doing); but if I have the ability to send these
tricks to my beloved coworkers, hilarity might ensue.

What stuff do you need to send around?

objects? Fine, as the receive could check they are
good using fsck.

refs/ ? Sure. It may be confusing to users,
but I am sure you'll figure UX out.

local config, hooks ? I would not.

Not sure what else you'd think of sending around.