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Re: Git credentials not working

On 10/3/18 11:03 PM, Christian Couder wrote:
(removing git-security from CC)

On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 4:09 PM Dimitri Kopriwa <d.kopriwa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Git credentials in ~/.git-credentials and ~/.config/git/credentials are
being removed by git upon reading.
https://git-scm.com/docs/git-credential says:

"If the action is reject, git-credential will send the description to
any configured credential helpers, which may erase any stored
credential matching the description."

So maybe this is expected.
I am using this script to create my credential file, how am I supposed to do in a non tty environment? Is there a prefered way?

Another possibility is that your .gitlab-ci.yml might launch scripts
writing into those files, like the before_script.sh script that is
described on:


Could you also check which credential helper and which options are
used? For example with commands like:

$ git config -l --show-origin | grep -i cred
$ git config -l --show-origin | grep -i http
$ git config -l --show-origin | grep -i askpass
$ env | grep -i askpass
 * branch            HEAD       -> FETCH_HEAD
17:15:36.175966 run-command.c:637       trace: run_command: git gc --auto
17:15:36.177688 git.c:415               trace: built-in: git gc --auto
$ git config -l --show-origin | grep -i cred
17:15:36.180191 git.c:415               trace: built-in: git config -l --show-origin
file:/root/.gitconfig    credential.helper=store
file:.git/config    credential.helper=store
$ git config -l --show-origin | grep -i http
17:15:36.182768 git.c:415               trace: built-in: git config -l --show-origin file:.git/config remote.origin.url=https://git.example.com/example/sample-project.git $ git config -l --show-origin | grep -i askpass || echo nothing to do 17:15:36.185306 git.c:415               trace: built-in: git config -l --show-origin
nothing to do
$ env | grep -i askpass || echo nothing to do
nothing to do