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Fwd: Git credentials not working

Dear Git list,

I have tried to used git credentials within Gitlab-CI runners. I have 4 instance of GitLab and discovered a weird bug with Git credentials when use within a CI process.

Please note before all that the time spend allowed me multiple time to check that my credentials are valid for the repository. And calling git fetch --tags with the full remote url that include the credentials always succeeded.

Tested with Git 2.11, 2.19

Git credentials in ~/.git-credentials and ~/.config/git/credentials are being removed by git upon reading.

This happen randomly accross my CI runner, and change that make them work on not related.

{ Error: Command failed: git fetch --tags https://git.example.com/example/some-project.git 18:25:52.554903 git.c:415               trace: built-in: git fetch --tags https://git.example.com/example/some-project.git 18:25:52.555234 run-command.c:637       trace: run_command: GIT_DIR=.git git-remote-https https://git.example.com/example/some-project.git https://git.example.com/example/some-project.git 18:25:52.692741 run-command.c:637       trace: run_command: 'git credential-store get' 18:25:52.697314 git.c:659               trace: exec: git-credential-store get 18:25:52.697372 run-command.c:637       trace: run_command: git-credential-store get 18:25:52.936024 run-command.c:637       trace: run_command: 'git credential-store erase' 18:25:52.940307 git.c:659               trace: exec: git-credential-store erase 18:25:52.940365 run-command.c:637       trace: run_command: git-credential-store erase
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://git.example.com/example/some-project.git/'

See the full question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52614467/why-does-git-credential-store-call-git-credential-erase-and-make-my-credential-f

Can you please help me found why is git credential-store erase called ?

Best regards,