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hunting for lost highly interactive browser based git tutorial

Help, please and thank you.

i have spent > one hour searching via Google and by visiting git-scm, BitBucket, github, et cetera, for an excellent tutorial for
beginners and refresher for one who has not touched git for quite a while.

if you've done the same tutorial, you will recognize its features:

-- browser based
-- highly interactive (use commands that are not necessarily "the next step", i.e., spontaneous self-guided review and trying
variations not necessarily in the tutorial's script)
-- teaches Git command line not GUI

The tutorial "may" have be called something like "Try Git";
however, I can not find it at try.github.io and other places where i have looked.

it's out there somewhere.

The good news is i have found many of my favourite Git resources-if only i could find my favourite Git beginner's interactive
tutorial, i'd be one happy homo sapiens (probably i need a life).

Thank you for taking time to read this request.


Gerry (Lowry)
Wasaga Beach