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Re: Using git svn rebase at quarantine environment or a feasible alternative to synchronize git and svn repositories

On Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 10:28:38AM +0000, Jose Gisbert wrote:

> Moreover, assuming that solution #1 will generally work and the facts that:
> - I think it would be possible to us to recover from a corrupted repository
>   somehow easily. Couldn't we, for instance, reset from a failed push and try
>   it again?

Yes, I think that would generally allow you to recover (it just may
require some manual fiddling by the admin).

> - the chances of corrupting the svn repository, our reference here, seem small
>   because git svn dcommit is the last operation in the chain and is only
>   performed when everything else went ok
> - we are a small team and git is not our main CVS, so we can stop pushing to
>   git while we fix the repository
> I'm more inclined to apply this solution. Maybe I'm being too much optimistic
> with my assumptions.

I think your analysis of the risk seems pretty accurate. I make no
promises, of course. :)