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RE: Using git svn rebase at quarantine environment or a feasible alternative to synchronize git and svn repositories

> Makes sense. It's certainly not impossible to have some magic "push to
> git". I only wanted to point out that it's extra complexity, so if you
> could do away with that aspect of it you'd save yourself some
> complexity. I was going to elaborate a bit on how that can go wrong,
> but I see Jeff sent a mail just now that was better than what I had :)
> I'll only add that I think you're somewhat fooling yourself if you
> think you can run Subversion and Git side-by-side and evaluate both on
> their merits, even if you solve the technical aspects of doing that.
> Such a system will always need to cater to the lowest common
> denominator of Subversion's very centralized workflow.
> The big advantage you get out of DVCSs is being able to be more
> flexible, and e.g. using hosting sites (in-house or external) like
> GitHub or GitLab which are built around that flexibility. So
> ultimately any decision about switching SCMs needs to be a
> forward-looking management decision for the project, not based on how
> well Git can emulate a SVN-based workflow, which is ultimately not
> what you're interested in if you do make the switch.

I agree with you about the extra complexity of letting users push to git and
carrying the changes to svn through git hooks, Ævar. The reason because we
decided to do this is to avoid forcing those who will play git to use svn to
perform some actions. We think letting them focus on using git will provide
them with a better understanding of git and all of its mechanisms.

I know well about the benefits of git, I've been a git user since 2009. But I
agreed with development team leaders that this temporary setup will give team
members the opportunity to learn git while, at the same time, we avoid to
change all of our CD infrastructure until we are ready. Besides that, this
will allow both team leaders and members to experience git advantages, for
instance, developers will be able to use branches to work on specific features
or commit only changes that are ready. Though, as you well say, they won't
know about git veritable benefits until we definitely migrate to git and
discard svn.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for your advice, I will consider it.