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Re: [Outreachy] Introduce myself

Hi Ananya,

On Sun, Sep 30, 2018 at 5:53 PM Ananya Krishna Maram
<ananyakittu1997@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Git Community, Christian and Johannes,
> My initial Outreachy got accepted.

Great! Welcome to the Git community!


> Having done a lot of assignment in C and
> bash scripting and keen interest to learn about working of git
> internals, I choose to contribute to this project. So I started
> observing the patches sent to git mailing list.

About possible projects I updated https://git.github.io/Outreachy-17/
but only the `git bisect` has been officially proposed as an Outreachy
project. I hope Dscho (Johannes) will be ok to submit one of the 2
others soon and to register himself as a mentor or co-mentor on some
of the projects.

> I am currently looking for first patch opportunities to git. I came
> across[1] and I will try to put maximum effort towards my goal and if
> I need some clarification of the problem statement I guess you guys or
> Outreachy mentors will be here to help me.

The micro-project page you found is not up-to-date, so some
micro-projects we propose might have already been taken by GSoC
students last winter/spring. Sorry we didn't update the page or create
another one. Anyway there are some micro-projects there like "Add more
builtin patterns for userdiff" that are still valid and still good
small tasks to get started working on Git. And there are explanations
about how you can search for micro-projects (especially how to search
for #leftoverbits on the mailing list archive).

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Git,