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[Outreachy] Introduce myself

Hi Git Community, Christian and Johannes,

My initial Outreachy got accepted. My name is Ananya Krishna(her), I
am from south India. I completed my under-graduation. Due to some
problems, I decided to stay back at home. And currently I would like
to dedicate myself to learn from open communities.

During the school, I showed keen interest in operating systems and
implemented most of the scheduling, synchronization and some sample
examples in memory management. I also did a lot of assignments in bash
scripting. In my 3rd year of Btech, I was introduced to this magical
tool `git` and got flattened by how it made me to keep track of
versions of my assignments. Having done a lot of assignment in C and
bash scripting and keen interest to learn about working of git
internals, I choose to contribute to this project. So I started
observing the patches sent to git mailing list.

I am currently looking for first patch opportunities to git. I came
across[1] and I will try to put maximum effort towards my goal and if
I need some clarification of the problem statement I guess you guys or
Outreachy mentors will be here to help me.