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Re: [PATCH v1] read-cache: add GIT_TEST_INDEX_VERSION support

Thomas Gummerer <t.gummerer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Thanks, I do think this is a good idea.  I do however share Ævar's
> concern in https://public-inbox.org/git/87h8itkz2h.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/.
> I have TEST_GIT_INDEX_VERSION=4 set in my config.mak since quite a
> long time, and had I missed this thread, I would all of a sudden not
> run the test suite with index format 4 anymore without any notice.
> I think the suggestion of erroring out if TEST_GIT_INDEX_VERSION is
> set would be useful in this case (and probably others in which you're
> renaming these variables).

I am not enthused by "you are using an old variable---we fail your
build/test".  The assumption is that people let config.mak laying
around regardless of how new/old the vintage of Git they are
building and testing.  I do not think you'd want to adjust your
config.mak as you switch between 'maint' and 'next.

I think it is OK to make it error only if the old one is set without
the new one.  Then people can have _both_ set to the same value
during the period in which the topic sails through pu down to next
down to master, after seeing an failure once while building and
testing 'pu'.

> Btw, I think it would be nice to have all these renaming/documenting
> variables for the test suite patches in one series, so they are easier
> to look at with more context.

Yeah, even though these three were posted as independent changes,
their additions to t/README inevitably conflicted with each other.