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Re: [PATCH v1] read-cache: add GIT_TEST_INDEX_VERSION support

On Wed, Sep 12 2018, Ben Peart wrote:

> -GIT_TEST_OE_DELTA_SIZE=<n> exercises the uncomon pack-objects code
> +GIT_TEST_OE_DELTA_SIZE=<n> exercises the uncommon pack-objects code
>  path where deltas larger than this limit require extra memory
>  allocation for bookkeeping.

If re-rolled maybe better as a leading "fix a typo" patch.

I was reading this in a mobile client earlier and couldn't see at a
glance (small screen+wrapping) what the change was here, so that sort of
nitpicking isn't purely theoretical :)

> +GIT_TEST_INDEX_VERSION=<n> exercises the index read/write code path
> +for the index version specified.  Can be set to any valid version
> +but the non-default version 4 is probably the most beneficial.
> +

I'm not familiar with this and haven't dug, so I don't know this: are
any values of 1..4 OK? 0..4? Would be better to say that here...