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Re: [PATCH 1/2] fetch-object: provide only one fetching function

> Instead of explaining why the new convention is better to justify
> (2), the above three lines handwave by saying "more flexible"
> twice.  We should do better.
> 	fetch-object: unify fetch_object[s] functions
> 	There are fetch_object() and fetch_objects() helpers in
> 	fetch-object.h; as the latter takes "struct oid_array",
> 	the former cannot be made into a thin wrapper around the
> 	latter without an extra allocation and set-up cost.
> 	Update fetch_objects() to take an array of "struct
> 	object_id" and number of elements in it as separate
> 	parameters, remove fetch_object(), and adjust all existing
> 	callers of these functions to use the new fetch_objects().
> perhaps?

Thanks - your explanation is much clearer than mine. Let me know if you
want a reroll (or if you can update the commit message yourself, that's
fine too).