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Re: [Question] Signature calculation ignoring parts of binary files

Am 12.09.18 um 21:16 schrieb Randall S. Becker:
I feel really bad asking this, and I should know the answer, and yet.

I have a binary file that needs to go into a repo intact (unchanged). I also
have a program that interprets the contents, like a textconv, that can
output the relevant portions of the file in whatever format I like - used
for diff typically, dumps in 1K chunks by file section. What I'm looking for
is to have the SHA1 signature calculated with just the relevant portions of
the file so that two actually different files will be considered the same by
git during a commit or status. In real terms, I'm trying to ignore the
Creator metadata of a JPG because it is mutable and irrelevant to my repo

I'm sorry to ask, but I thought this was in .gitattributes but I can't
confirm the SHA1 behaviour.

You are looking for a clean filter. See the 'filter' attribute in gitattributes(5). Your clean filter program or script should strip the unwanted metadata or set it to a constant known-good value.

(You shouldn't need a smudge filter.)

-- Hannes