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Re: [PATCH 0/1] contrib: Add script to show uncovered "new" lines

"Derrick Stolee via GitGitGadget" <gitgitgadget@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> There have been a few bugs in recent patches what would have been caught if
> the test suite covered those blocks (including a few of mine). I want to
> work towards a "sensible" amount of coverage on new topics. In my opinion,
> this means that any logic should be covered, but the 'die()' blocks in error
> cases do not need to be covered.


> It is important to not measure the coverage of the codebase by what old code
> is not covered. To help, I created the 'contrib/coverage-diff.sh' script.
> After creating the coverage statistics at a version (say, 'topic') you can
> then run
> contrib/coverage-diff.sh base topic
> ...
> Using this 'git blame' output, we can quickly inspect whether the uncovered
> lines are appropriate. For instance:
> ...
> I used this approach for 'next' over 'master' and got a larger list, some of
> which I have already submitted tests to increase coverage [2] or will be
> covered by topics not in 'next' [3].
> Thanks, -Stolee

Thanks for working on this.