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Re: Git 2.19 Segmentation fault 11 on macOS


thanks for your bug report!

On 09/11, ryenus wrote:
> I just updated to 2.19 via Homebrew, git range-diff seems cool, but I
> only got a Segmentation fault: 11
>     $ git version; git range-diff origin/master  HEAD@{2} HEAD

Unfortunately the HEAD@{2} syntax needs your reflog, which is not
available when just cloning the repository (the reflog is only local
and not pushed to the remote repository).  Would it be possible to
create a short script to create the repository where you're
experiencing the behaviour, or replacing 'origin/master', 'HEAD@{2}'
and 'HEAD' with the actual commit ids?

I tried with various values, but unfortunately failed to reproduce
this so far (although admittedly I tried it on linux, not Mac OS).

>     git version 2.19.0
>     Segmentation fault: 11
> Both origin/master and my local branch each got two new commits of their own,
> please correct me if this is not the expected way to use git range-diff.
> FYI, I've created a sample repo here:
> https://github.com/ryenus/range-diff-segfault/