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Re: Git 2.19 Segmentation fault 11 on macOS

On 9/11/2018 11:25 AM, ryenus wrote:
I just updated to 2.19 via Homebrew, git range-diff seems cool, but I
only got a Segmentation fault: 11

     $ git version; git range-diff origin/master  HEAD@{2} HEAD
     git version 2.19.0
     Segmentation fault: 11

Both origin/master and my local branch each got two new commits of their own,
please correct me if this is not the expected way to use git range-diff.

FYI, I've created a sample repo here:

Hi Ryenus,

Thanks for the report!

I ran something similar using Git for Windows 2.19.0-rc2. I had to run `git commit --amend --no-edit` on the tip commit to make my local master disagree with origin/master. I then ran the following:

$ git range-diff origin/master HEAD~1 HEAD
-:  ------- > 1:  5009c62 aaa

With this, the command succeeded for me. There is another way to get a similar result, could you try it?

$ git range-diff origin/master~1..origin/master HEAD~1..HEAD
1:  f14d571 = 1:  5009c62 aaa

Otherwise, we can now get started trying to repro this on a Mac. Thanks!