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zsh completion does not support branches with quotes/apostrophes


I have the latest git and it includes a nice auto-completion for zsh: contrib/completion/git-completion.zsh

I’ve been using it happily for.. years I guess, until I ran into a problem yesterday.
I have a branch with apostrophe, named like: somebody's_business

When I want to switch to that branch, I type: git checkout some[tab] and the result is:
`git checkout somebody's_business` (and that does not work in zsh, of course).
For this to work it should escape the apostrophe and the completion should result it:
git checkout somebody\'s_business

When I try to use the quotes in the parameters, this does not work at all:
i.e. when I type `git checkout -b “some[tab]` nothing is completed.

So the only work-around for now seems to be manually fixing the completion results, escaping the quote.
However, it would be very nice if this could be fixed.


  Vasily Korytov