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Re: [Possible GIT Bug]

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Your explanation is correct. To be fair, though, it seems like
> --find-copies-harder is made a lot less useful by the not considering
> the larger set of sources, since that's kind of its point. I'm not sure
> if this behavior actually is intentional, or simply what happens to
> occur based on the combination of features.

It is neither but if I have to pick one between the two, it is much
closer to the former than the latter.  The primary source of this is
that we have only *one* pathspec given to the diff machinery, but in
order to implement your ideal "find harder", you'd need *two*.  That
is, one set of paths for which you are interested in their origin,
and the other set that you allow the machinery to consider as possible
origins.  Since we can only give one pathspec machinery, that one
pathspec is used to specify both of these sets.