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Re: git silently ignores include directive with single quotes

On 2018-09-08 12:30 PM, Martin Ågren wrote:

> Actually, there is a test explicitly testing that 'missing include files
> are ignored'. I couldn't find a motivation for this in 9b25a0b52e
> (config: add include directive, 2012-02-06).

Thank you for the follow up, Martin. And discovering that it is by design.

I suppose this could have been done to optimize run-time performance.
But there must be a way for a user to validate their custom
configuration. So perhaps there should be a specific directive to do so?
One could argue that:

  git config --list --show-origin

does exactly that. Except it should probably also indicate that some
configuration file or parts of were ignored - and clearly indicate the
exact nature of the problem. In which case it'd be sufficient.

>> (2) probably allow the quoted location of the file, but it's much less
>> important, as it's easy to rectify once git gives user #1
> I don't think this will work. Allowing quoting for just this one item,
> or for all? Any and all quoting or just at the first and last character?
> What about those config items where quotes might legitimately occur,
> i.e., we'd need some escaping? Actually, something like '.gitconfig'
> *with* *those* *quotes* is a valid filename on my machine.

Let's ignore this sub-issue for now. If we can get git to report when
something is mis-configured, this issue can then be easily resolved.

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