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Re: Old submodules broken in 2.19rc1 and 2.19rc2


Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:

> I discovered it by using Debian testing, and it is shipping the 2.17rcs for
> some reason.

I believe you mean Debian unstable.  Debian testing has 2.18.0.

>              The example is just an old checkout of qt5.git with submodules, 
> it is rather large.

Do you have a reproduction recipe I can use (starting with a "git clone"
command I would run using an old version of Git, etc)?

> I could try bisecting, but I am not sure I have the time anytime soon, I just 
> wanted to report it to you first incase you knew of a change that suddenly 
> assumed the new structure.

This is definitely not an intentional change, so more details would be
very welcome.