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I seek your assistance

My Good Friend,

Please permit me to approach you in this manner. I`m Lieutenant. Lora Williams a United States army general currently stationed here in Afghanistan on peace keeping mission.

I know this message might come to you as a surprise, I want to solicit for your assistance in an urgent and confidential transaction which will be of benefit to both of us if you agree to work with me. Here in Afghanistan I was involved in an Oil business from which I have earned a huge amount of money, I can not make a Bank to Bank Transfer of this money to my account in USA because all USA and NATO troops here have been banned from using any of the Afghanistan Banks therefore I packaged this money in a Trunk Box, hoping to carry it home when I complete my mission here, But due to the recent attacks and bomb blasts on the military camps here by the rebels, I am afraid not to lose this money and so I wish to seek for a partner who will receive this Trunk Box for me while I ship it out from here and keep it safe until when I return.

I shall give you more detailed information on this when I hear from you. I offer you 20% of this total sum of (USD$3.4 Million) for your assistance while 80% would be for me and my colleague who is involved in this too. For security reasons, please don't discuss this issue with a third party even if you are not interested in it because any leakage of this information will jeopardize my mission here. I hope you understand me very well? If you are interested to assist me.
write me on my private email (lt.lorawilliams@xxxxxxxxxxx).

Hope to hear from you.


Lt. Lora Williams