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Re: [PATCH 1/2] commit-graph write: add progress output

On 9/5/2018 5:46 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Derrick Stolee <stolee@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

   	for (i = 0; i < commits->nr; i++) {
+		display_progress(progress, i);
   		if (commits->list[i]->generation != GENERATION_NUMBER_INFINITY &&
   		    commits->list[i]->generation != GENERATION_NUMBER_ZERO)
I am wondering if the progress call should be moved after this
conditional continue; would we want to count the entry whose
generation is already known here?  Of course, as we give commits->nr
as the 100% ceiling, we cannot avoid doing so, but it somehow smells
If we wanted to be completely right, we would count the commits in the
list that do not have a generation number and report that as the 100%
Yeah, but I realize that the definition of "right" really depends on
what we consider a task being accomplished is in this loop.  If we
define the task to "we have some number of commits that lack
generation numbers and our task is to assign numbers to them.", then
yes counting the ones without generation number and culling the ones
that already have generation number is outside the work and we need
another loop to count them.  But the position the posted patch takes
is also a valid one: we have some commits and we are making sure
each and every one of them has assigned a generation number.

So I do not think it is necessary to introduce another loop just for

Makes sense to me. Thanks!