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Re: [RFC PATCH v2] Allow aliases that include other aliases

On Wed, Sep 05, 2018 at 10:54:27AM +0200, Tim Schumacher wrote:

> Aliases can only contain non-alias git commands and their
> arguments, not other user-defined aliases. Resolving further
> (nested) aliases is prevented by breaking the loop after the
> first alias was processed. Git then fails with a command-not-found
> error.
> Allow resolving nested aliases by not breaking the loop in
> run_argv() after the first alias was processed. Instead, continue
> incrementing `done_alias` until `handle_alias()` fails, which means that
> there are no further aliases that can be processed. Prevent looping
> aliases by storing substituted commands in `cmd_list` and checking if
> a command has been substituted previously.
> ---
> This is what I've come up with to prevent looping aliases. I'm not too
> happy with the number of indentations needed, but this seemed to be the
> easiest way to search an array for a value.

I think this approach is OK, though I wonder if we'd also be fine with

  if (done_alias++ > 100)
	die("woah, is your alias looping?");

The point is just to prevent a runaway infinite loop, and this does that
while keeping the cost very low for the common case (not that one string
insertion is probably breaking the bank).

It could also extend to ! aliases if we wanted (i.e., my '!git foo'
example from earlier), but you'd have to carry the counter through the
environment between processes.