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Re: jc/rebase-in-c-9-fixes, was Re: What's cooking in git.git (Sep 2018, #01; Tue, 4)

Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:

> On Tue, 4 Sep 2018, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> * jc/rebase-in-c-9-fixes (2018-09-04) 1 commit
>>  - rebase: re-add forgotten -k that stands for --keep-empty
>>  (this branch uses ag/rebase-i-in-c, js/rebase-in-c-5.5-work-with-rebase-i-in-c, pk/rebase-in-c, pk/rebase-in-c-2-basic, pk/rebase-in-c-3-acts, pk/rebase-in-c-4-opts, pk/rebase-in-c-5-test and pk/rebase-in-c-6-final.)
> Quite frankly, I'd rather you pick up my two v2 series. I promised to take
> over from Pratik, who is busy with exams, and I did. I even announced as
> much in that mail where I pointed out the missing short option originally.

Yup, I'm planning to replace the large pile of patches with the new
ones you'd send once the final is done.  The topic above is just a
stop-gap measure to keep the tip of 'pu' testable, to be dropped
when the series it fixes is replaced with a corrected one.