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Re: [RFC PATCH] Allow aliases that include other aliases

Tim Schumacher <timschumi@xxxxxx> writes:

> I submitted this as RFC because I'm not sure whether disallowing
> nested aliases was an intentional design choice. The done_alias
> check implies that disallowing is intended, but the direct
> recursion check for aliases that call themselves opposes that.

"direct recursion check for aliases"?  I am not sure what you mean
by that, but anyway.

If I recall correctly, it is intended that we disallow run_argv()
doing handle_alias() twice (or more).  But the ultimate objective is
to forbid infinite loops, "git foo" expanding to "git bar" which in
turn expanding back to "git foo", and the current "do not expand
alias to another" is a simple but too strict implementation.  As
long as a replacement implementation still forbids infinite loops
with reasonable cost and complexity, I do not think we would mind
such an improvement to allow alias expanding to another alias.