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Re: Git 2.18: RUNTIME_PREFIX... is it working?

Daniel Jacques <dnj@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> All things considered, I think executable path self-location is markedly more
> fragile than using static paths, both with increased dependencies and added
> inconsistent behavior and limitations, and should not be the default
> on any platform.
> Both Johannes' original RUNTIME_PREFIX implementation for Windows and the
> Linux/etc. expansions that I did were written to serve constrained special case
> deployments. In that capacity, they can be really useful, as the fragility is
> managed by their respective environments.

Wow, an original author of a non-trivial feature who does not push
his own creation to be used everywhere and instead cautions against
blindly using it?  

That sort of restraint is a rare trait to be commended.  Thanks for
injeting a doze of sanity.