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Re: [PATCH v2 4/9] t/t7510: check the validation of the new config gpg.format

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 10:52:26AM +0200, Henning Schild wrote:

> diff --git a/t/t7510-signed-commit.sh b/t/t7510-signed-commit.sh
> index 6e2015ed9..7e1e9caf4 100755
> --- a/t/t7510-signed-commit.sh
> +++ b/t/t7510-signed-commit.sh
> @@ -227,4 +227,14 @@ test_expect_success GPG 'log.showsignature behaves like --show-signature' '
>  	grep "gpg: Good signature" actual
>  '
> +test_expect_success GPG 'check config gpg.format values' '
> +	rm .git/config &&
> +	test_config gpg.format openpgp &&
> +	git commit -S --amend -m "success" &&

You shouldn't need this "rm" here. test_config will add your config, and
then delete it after the test finishes.

I know you probably saw that in t1300 or nearby tests, but IMHO they are
wrong to do so. It's a historical wart that should be cleaned up.

> +	test_config gpg.format OpEnPgP &&
> +	git commit -S --amend -m "success" &&

A bit of a funny side effect is that we'll unset gpg.format three times
at the end of the test, since each test_config doesn't know that the
earlier invocations touched the same variable.

It's probably not worth addressing, but we could do it with an explicit:

  test_when_finished "test_unconfig gpg.format" &&
  git config gpg.format openpgp &&
  git config gpg.format OpEnPgP &&

Or alternatively, this could be three independent tests, which would
give the opportunity to describe each.

> +	test_config gpg.format malformed &&
> +	test_must_fail git commit -S --amend -m "fail" 2>result
> +'

If you're not going to look at the saved "result", we are better to just
leave stderr un-redirected. It will go to /dev/null by default, or to
the user-visible output of the test is run in verbose mode.