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Re: [PATCH 0/2] Fix --rebase-merges with custom commentChar

On Mon, 09 Jul 2018 at 10:53:14 +0300, Johannes Schindelin wrote>
On Sun, 8 Jul 2018, Daniel Harding wrote:

I have core.commentChar set in my .gitconfig, and when I tried to run
git rebase -i -r, I received an error message like the following:

error: invalid line 3: # Branch <name>

To fix this, I updated sequencer.c to use the configured commentChar
for the Branch <name> comments.  I also tweaked the tests in t3430 to
verify todo list generation with a custom commentChar.  I'm not sure
if I took the right approach with that, or if it would be better to
add additional tests for that case, so feel free to
tweak/replace/ignore the second commit as appropriate.

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Or as a patch whose
time has come, I guess:


Oops, I should have done a bit a searching before I tossed off a patch. Thanks Johannes for the pointer.

AFAICT the remaining task was to send a new revision of the patch, with
the commit message touched up, to reflect the analysis that it handles the
`auto` setting well.

Your patch adds a regression test in addition, which is very nice.

So maybe you can coordinate with Aaron about that first patch? I really
think that the commit message needs to explain why the `auto` setting is
not a problem here.

Aaron, how would you like to move forward on this? I don't want to take credit from you since you were the first to post the patch. If you would like to post a new version of your patch with the commit message updated based on the feedback, I can then add my tests to go with it. Alternatively if you'd like me to run with this I can repost the patch with you as the author along with an updated commit message and my name in a "Commit-message-by:" line. Let me know your thoughts. If I don't hear from you in a couple of days, I'll go ahead and repost the patch as I described.


Daniel Harding