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Re: [PATCH 0/4] Use oid_object_info() instead of read_object_file()

Hi Olga,

On Mon, 9 Jul 2018, Оля Тележная wrote:

> [2] https://public-inbox.org/git/010201637254c969-a346030e-0b75-41ad-8ef3-2ac7e04ba4fb-000000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/

This type of Message-Id makes me think that you used SubmitGit to send
this patch series.

The main problem I see here is that the patches are not sent as replies to
this cover letter, and therefore they are seemingly disconnected on the
mailing list.

It was also my impression that SubmitGit started supporting sending cover
letters, in which case you would not have to jump through hoops to thread
the mails properly. But for that to work, the PR has to have a description
which is then used as cover letter. I do not see any description in
https://github.com/git/git/pull/520, though. Maybe provide one?


P.S.: You might have noticed that I am working (slowly, but steadily) on a
contender for SubmitGit that I call GitGitGadget. Originally, I really
wanted to enhance SubmitGit instead because I am a big believer of *not*
reinventing the wheel (so much energy gets wasted that way).

However, in this case the limitations of the chosen language (I do not
want to learn Scala, I have absolutely zero need to know Scala in any of
my other endeavors, and my time to learn new things is limited, so I spend
it wisely) and the limitations of the design (the UI is completely
separate from GitHub, you have to allow Amazon to send mails in your name,
and SubmitGit's design makes it impossible to work bi-directionally, it is
only GitHub -> mailing list, while I also want the option to add replies
on the mailing list as comments to the GitHub PR in the future) made me

If you want to kick the tires, so to say, I welcome you to give
GitGitGadget a try. It would require only a couple of things from you:

- You would have to settle for a branch name, and then not open new PRs
  for every iteration you want to send, but force-push the branch instead.

- You would have to open a PR at https://github.com/gitgitgadget/git.

- You would have to provide the cover letter via the PR's description (and
  update that description before sending newer iterations).

- I would have to add you to the list of users allowed to send patches via
  GitGitGadget (GitGitGadget has some really light-weight access control
  to prevent spamming).

- You would then send a new iteration by simply adding a comment to your
  PR that contains this command: /submit

- To integrate well with previous patch series iterations (i.e. to connect
  the threads), I would have to come up with a little bit of tooling to
  add some metadata that I have to reconstruct manually from your
  previously-sent iterations.