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Re: I can do past and feature commits. It is a bug?

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Lin Terry wrote:

> I can do past and feature commits. It is a bug?
> Check out my gitgub page.
> https://github.com/terrylinooo
> You can see a LOVE, they are past commits I commited yesterday.

The ability to set the author and committer date freely is an
intentional capability.  See the 'Commit Information' section of "git
help commit-tree", for example.

If you'd like the ability to prove that an object was pushed by a
particular person at a particular time, you might like the push
certificates feature.  The pusher is authenticated using a GPG
signature; the push time can be recorded by the server in its
pre-receive or post-receive hook (so you still have to trust the
server for that).  See the description of --signed in "git help push"
and of hooks in "git help receive-pack" for more details on that

Thanks and hope that helps,